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General Terms & Conditions

These Terms, Conditions and Conditions may be modified at any time or added to, or deleted, and apply directly or indirectly to all our services available on our website.

Dear Site User By using the Site you acknowledge and agree that you are in full legal capacity, without restriction or condition, on the current general terms and conditions of the site, and if you do not agree with them, you should not use this site.

 Changes become effective when posted on the site without prior notice

 Please review our Terms and Conditions regularly to keep abreast of all updates

By accessing, browsing and using our website, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions set forth below:

(Platform) means the website (www.jisha.co).

(Service) means (selling women's clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes and bags)

"User / Customer / Buyer" means the individual who interacts with our Site.

Scope of our services: Through the platform we provide an online platform to sell the following products:

(Selling women's clothing, jewelry accessories, shoes, bags).

The pricing of the sale of the services offered on our site is the responsibility of the merchant. These prices include the total price. The management of the site does not interfere in the price fixing; it has no warehouses and does not take any products from the sellers.

You may not use and publish what is displayed on the site (www.jisha.co) and perform any operations related to copying, downloading, viewing, reselling or reproducing content or information for any commercial or competitive activity. Designs, graphics, logos, logos, images and software, are the exclusive property of Www.jisha.co and are protected by copyright, trademark and other laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Although we will use the skill and care to provide our services, we cannot be responsible for any errors or interruptions - either due to any breakdown, repair, development, and maintenance (temporary / partial) of our site or otherwise.

Products and goods on the site are constantly updated and the prices of the products are final and exclude the presence of offers or discounts.

Our website sends orders after confirmation of purchase order.

The user has the right to open an account in our site and is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of account information (username and password) on the client fully and must notify the site management immediately for any unauthorized loss or use of your password or your account.

The Site is not liable, directly or indirectly, in any way for any loss or damage of any kind that may be directly or indirectly caused to the customer as a result of disclosure of this information.

We will only be responsible for direct damage due to a defect in the site's services and do not ask for more ...

These terms, conditions and services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Any dispute arising out of these General Terms and Conditions and our services shall be submitted to the competent courts of the State of Saudi Arabia only.

General terms and conditions of the merchant

1- Your access to our website means that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms of use of the Site and the terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy without modification, restrictions or conditions.

2- From the point where you make the registration process, we will only act as an intermediary between you and the customers so that we will give you details of the purchase directly.

3- The mechanism of work and completion of applications as follows:

4- The seller will register on the site and attach the national ID number, the commercial registration number if any, and information about his business

5-We show you the registration contract before completing the registration process to view it, including all the requirements of sale within the site

6-Next opens the account of the seller / store and begins the process of listing the products on the site to be sent to the Department to enable the products in case they meet the terms and policies of the site management.

7-The buyer selects the required goods and completes the process of the request from his own account to send the request from the management to the seller, in return for confirming the receipt of the order and shipping it to the customer.

8-Seller will process the order and ship it to the buyer.

9-The seller will not receive his financial dues until the buyer's arrival is confirmed.

10-The dealer is fully responsible for updating all information related to prices and goods data.

11-The site provides support to sellers and buyers to ensure maximum quality.

12-The following registration contract between the site and the merchant shall be deemed to be in compliance with these terms and conditions:

Registration contract between the site and the seller

The second party is a commercial institution or individuals who wish to benefit from the services of www.jisha.co and at the desire of the parties to establish a relationship between them to serve their common interests and determine the rights and obligations of each party towards the other. Eligibility considered legitimate according to the following:

Item 1:

Approval and approval

 The Second Party acknowledges that, in full legal capacity, it shall fully read, understand and understand the special and general terms and privacy policy of the website (www.jisha.co) The Second Party agrees to comply with the general and special terms and privacy policy available at  (www.jisha.co)

Item 2:

The prices

The Second Party shall abide by the prices advertised at (www.jisha.co).

Item 3:

Payment method

 1-The first party will receive the value of the sales transactions from the customers, which will be transferred to the second party account once it enters the accounts of the site (www.jisha.co) after deducting the site commission.

2-The First Party shall deduct the bank and shipping commissions on such transactions and transfer the balance to the Second Party's account "within a period not exceeding 60 days".

Article 4:

 Duration of the contract

The period of validity of this contract (one calendar year) starting from 2018 and ending in  2019, and this period renewed automatically unless one of the parties wishes to cancel the contract.

Article 5:


Correspondence between the parties shall be through the official e-mail:

The official e-mail address of the first party is info@jisha.com

The Parties acknowledge that the e-mail indicated above is the official e-mail and all communications through it are considered valid and productive for all legal effects between the parties.

Article 6:

Liability for errors

The second party shall bear responsibility for the products and goods presented on the website and the second party shall transfer all obligations and guarantees to which the parties are committed towards the customer.

1- The First Party is not responsible for any warranties or obligations of any kind, including any trade warranties and any warranties relating to the quality of the goods and goods provided or any guarantees relating to the accuracy of the information provided by the Second Party and any liability relating to negligence, the second party is complete.

2-The Second Party undertakes to guarantee and indemnify the First Party of this Contract for any fines, delays, damages or claims of any kind resulting from default, delay, error or negligence of the Second Party or breach of contract agreed upon during the period of execution of the Contract.

 3- The second party shall bear the responsibility for the errors caused by the offer of counterfeit or counterfeit goods. The second party alone shall bear sole responsibility for any wrong information, images or data added by it. The first party of this contract is entitled to refer to the second party for any damages resulting from breach of any obligation Related to the implementation of this contract.

4-The second party shall notify the first party in the event of a change in the data regarding his legal status or his disappearance or suspension of his activity and shall bear the legal liability and compensation for breach of this and undertakes that all the information provided in the contract shall be accurate and accurate information that can be relied upon and The legal consequences of the inaccuracy of such data.

Article 7:

Collection of amounts from customers

The first party collects the value of the sale from the customer and will not receive his financial dues until the buyer's arrival is confirmed.

Article 8:

The Second Party shall:

1- The obligation to deliver the item in its original condition according to the specifications stated on the site.

2- The seller must add to the site the products available to him only because the site does not receive requests for products that do not exist and are not ready for sale and to be replenished daily.

3- The seller undertakes that the product will be processed, packaged, shipped or delivered within 3 working days of receipt of the purchase order.

4- The seller undertakes that the pictures of the products, their colors, their sizes and all their characteristics added to the site are identical to reality and the site is not entitled to terminate the contract.

5- If the seller and buyer are in the same city, the seller must comply with the delivery time agreed upon by the site with the delivery company

6-In case the buyer is outside the city where the seller is located, the seller shall deliver the shipment to the nearest branch of Aramex

7- The seller is committed to packing the product and placing the products in the bags of the site and there is no problem if it is wrapped in the seller's cover before the bags allocated to the site.

8-The site has the right to set its value for the product at the lowest price of the seller, as long as the seller will take the value of the agreed product after deducting the percentage of the site.

9- The seller would prefer to add a link to his store in his lnstgram.

10-The seller agrees that the site uses its product images and brand in the promotional site campaigns.

11- Seller agrees to accept the terms of shipping and delivery companies that the website deals with.

Item 9:


1- The Second Party and its successor shall remain responsible for the delivery of the Product until final delivery.

2-) Www.jisha.co) disclaims any liability for any defect in the whole delivery process either by the merchant or by the customer, as( www.jisha.co) is solely responsible for linking the customer to the merchant through the website.

3-The second party shall ensure the quality of products and goods and conforming to the standard specifications approved in the Kingdom. The first party is not responsible for products that violate the required standard specifications.

Article 10:

Commitment to non-competition

The second party is strictly prohibited from dealing with the customer of the site outside of the site (www.jisha.co) and completely prohibits any transaction or offer to the customer through the shipping representative.

Article 11:

Confidentiality of the information

The First Party shall, during its term of office with the Second Party or thereafter, not disclose, provide or provide directly or indirectly to any person, enterprise, institution or any other entity the information on the volume of sales and the amounts collected and due to the Second Party and undertakes to retain such information and information Very confidentially.

Article 12:

The majeure force

1-No party to this contract shall be responsible for any delay or failure to perform its obligations if it fails or delays due to force majeure. These circumstances include but are not limited to the following:

A- The events of judgment, including storms, earthquakes, floods and other such acts of the forces of nature, which have not been reasonably foreseeable, reasonably foreseeable or reasonable.

B- War, hostilities, invasion, acts of any foreign enemy, riots, insurrection, civil unrest, rebellion, revolution, rape of power, civil war, labor problems, other industrial disturbances, strikes or operations of danger or siege.

2-ach Party shall inform the other Party in practice as soon as possible of any anticipated delay due to force majeure and the performance of each Party's obligations under this contract shall be suspended for the period of deferral resulting from a compelling circumstance.

3-If the postponement attributed to force majeure exceeds thirty days, the two parties shall meet together to discuss how to mitigate the impact of force majeure.

Article 13:

Terminate the contract

1-The Second Party shall have the right to terminate the Contract at any time without limitation. The second party shall notify Www.jisha.co of the desire to terminate the contract at least five working days before it.

2-The first party shall have the right to terminate this contract if the second party breaches any of the provisions of this contract.

3- The contract ends with the impossibility of revocation

Return Policy

These conditions have been established to be a guarantee to both parties (trader and client)

We provide our customers with the possibility to return or replace the purchased goods and recover their money in full in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

1- In the event of a defect in the product or you received a wrong product from us, we compensate the customer either return the amount or delivery of the goods required for free.

2- The product should not be used in its original packaging and in the same original condition as it was delivered.

3- The return of any product used or arriving will not be accepted in its non-original condition.

4- Product returns in 5 days from date of receipt.

5- The customer charges the full shipping fee for returning the product.

6- The price of the whole product shall be returned or replaced according to the customer's wishes after the item has been inspected by the merchant or shipping representative.

7- The return request is processed within 14 working days without holidays or holidays.

8- In case of delay in the arrival of the request more than 21 days and did not reach the customer through the shippers, he has the right to demand the cancellation of the request and return the amount to his bank account by contacting customer services and providing them with the invoice number.

9- The delivery agent has the right to inspect the returned product before receiving it from the customer.

10 The delivery agent has the right to refuse receipt of the product in case the customer caused a defect or corruption in the product due to misuse.

11 The merchant has the right to reject the return request in case the buyer violates the return policy.

12- The site management is entitled to modify the policy of return from time to time.

Common questions:

1- How do I order a product from the website?

By creating a buyer's account or purchasing as a visitor without registering and paying the value of purchases on the site.

2-What types of payment can I use on the site?

The website provides payment by Visa and provides payment service upon receipt and payment service available at (Al Rajhi Bank)

3- Can I return the product?

Yes Product can be returned according to the site's return policy

4- How will the product be delivered?

If the buyer and the seller in the same city will be connected through the delivery companies have been agreed to the site in advance and in another case will be connected to the product through the shippers.

5- How long does the product take?

The order is delivered on average within 1-5 business days


Advertising policy and commission system on site:

You acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions set out below unconditionally:

The term "advertisement" includes the publication of the advertised party on the site (www.jisha.co).

The site (www.jisha.co) is the owner of the absolute authority with respect to the interpretation and application of this policy and all other matters associated with advertising on the site.

This policy may be changed at any time in our sole discretion.

Site management has the right to accept or delete any advertisement.

Publishing the advertisement on our website does not mean that in no way that our site adopts or sponsors the advertisement or the advertiser or guarantees the advertised material.

Site does not allow the advertisement of fraudulent or deceptive materials or in violation of laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Site has the right to approve whether or not any advertisement will be accepted, rejected or removed at any time from the Site for any reason.

We are not liable under any circumstances for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or special damages arising out of the Declaration.

Publication of the advertisement on our site does not constitute or should constitute a basis for any legal action of any kind according to law or otherwise.

For more information, please contact the website administration.

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